Friday, November 4, 2011

8pm and all's well!

Taking some time out of my NaNoWriMo to participate in Write On Edge challenge: 8:00 am or pm, in less than 200 words. 

In addition to that challenge, I'm traveling in the passenger seat along the I-15 towards San Diego in the pouring rain, and attempting to complete this challenge on my smart phone. 

Grandfather's Clock:

     I'm alone in the house tonight, listening to the distinct tick-tick of my grandfather's old clock. I hold my breath in anticipation, poised for the top of the hour. I still feel the excitement of my childhood; the summers we spent in the shadow of Mt. Shasta at Grandfather's redwood home. Suddenly the brassy sound of Westminister Chimes echoes in the empty house "Ding dong ding dong!" it announces.I count the chimes...Six. Seven. Eight. I exhale as peace descends again. The perfect hour...


  1. Beautiful. I love the sounds of those old clocks-so regal.

    Nice job!

  2. It's amazing how familiar places exude memories!

    I love the detail of the chime of the old clock.