Monday, April 8, 2013

An Iron Lady and a Mouseketeer

I find my heart is broken today. The last great fires of my golden youth have passed on and left my world a little darker. 

I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to the Thatcher family and the United Kingdom for the loss of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. While my politics are my own, there can be no denying that this remarkable woman as left her footprint on the world. Even though I am an American, she still inspired me in my youth. I knew I wanted to be, like she, a woman of conviction, who in the face of adversity, can rally the support of those around me to make a united front.

Requiescat in pace, Ms. Thatcher. Your presence is missed.

My sympathies also to the Funicello family and Hollywood for the loss of Annette Funicello, a beautiful woman and a talented, talented performer, fondly known as America's Sweetheart.

I raise a glass in your honor and toast to your memory.

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