Sunday, August 11, 2013

And The Winner Is...

Thank you so much for everyone who participated in helping me choose the cover for The Trouble With Henry. I took each and every comment, vote, criticism, and voice under careful advisement.

The majority of you voted option 2, followed very closely by option 7.

So how did I narrow it down? It was a very hard decision at first, until I happened upon the following:

So I didn't want to go there, since it was in the same genre. And that left option 2.

Except, looking at the black and white thumbnail of option 2 on my mom's Sony Reader, nothing shows. Not the title, not my name. It was just a blob of grey. I hope you all agree that situation isn't good.

So I can't use option 7, and I can't use option 2.

When you take those options away, option 1 comes closest to option 2, and to the overall theme of the story. Not to mention, the black, red, and white pop onto screens. I know the biggest gripe I heard about the artwork in option one looked like bad CGI (computer generated imagery), in a word: cartoony. While I agree that a "real" photo would have been ideal here, there's something I should probably admit to you: The "real" feet of option 2 gave me the creeps. Like I was looking at a Stephen King novel or something. 

And so I thought I'd have to pass.

What I didn't like about option 1, was that my subtitle was up above my main title. Not that it mattered much visually, I think, as the white text up top balanced out the rest of the graphics. The problem is a personal one; when I started this endeavor, I did't envision my subtitle atop my title. So, while my mom and dad are guilt-tripping me into trusting my artist and not trying to fix something that ain't broke, it still bothered me. 

Fortunately, James at is the friendliest sort of chap one could ever hope to meet. (He was gunning for the black and yellow title with the girl in leather pants, incidentally) and he agreed to rework the graphics once more. I asked him to add a tagline at the top, just to see if it worked.

I don't think it did. The cleanliness disappeared and it looked cluttered. But I still didn't like my subtitle on top. So I'm going with subtitle underneath, no tagline on top, and I'm a very happy camper.

Again, thanks to all who helped me out. I'll reintroduce The Trouble With Henry later, after I update Amazon and upload it to other venues.


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