Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

For my Dad

He sets the standard for all men to meet. They always fall short.
No one will ever be as brave or vulnerable, protective or supportive
No one will ever have his compassion or his faith
No one will ever measure up to the superhero I see in my father.

I will forever gaze upon him with the eyes of a daughter, forever will I be six-years old
Forever will I have pigtails and skinned knees and loose baby teeth that refuse to fall out
Forever will this little girl want to dance on his toes and nestle in the perfect nook of his arm
Safe and sound

For all the Fathers
and those who may yet be
Those who know and those who don't and those who love as if they did
I wish you this day and all days following that you will know the love of a daughter
I wish you the ability to see yourselves through her forever princess eyes
I wish you the always, the warmth and the happiness that only that kind of knowledge can bring

Happy Father's Day

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