Leaves Talk?

Talking Leaves are a nod to my Cherokee ancestry. There was no word for paper before the white man came. How does one describe paper or its function to anyone who has never seen it? Paper is thin like a leaf, and in the right hands, can speak about ideas to any audience. As such, paper is a powerful tool, a commodity whose value is limitless in potential. With it, we can engage, unite, and inform. We can create new worlds and map old ones. But in the hands of the covetous and the selfish, we can also destroy, hinder, and mislead. We can slander, instigate, and exclude. It is nothing short of miraculous that a simple piece of paper, a mere leaf dancing in the wind of tyranny, grants us certain human rights. We hold those rights dear, that we may secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, and express ourselves without fear of wrongful imprisonment or loss of life. We the people put our faith behind a piece of paper and we alone are responsible to maintain its value.

I believe that the properties of paper are the same, whether physical or digital, and there is power contained within for either good or ill. I pledge to wield that power carefully because power can corrupt even the most resolute of souls.  

The ideas and stories, both fictional and truthful, whether embellished or not, expressed within the pages of this blog are solely mine. My intent here is to simply share and no other intent is implied nor should it be inferred. I believe that anyone visiting this blog holds the same belief, and I will not restrict his power to post comment until the time that I believe the intent to be corrupted. We are an intelligent, literate community. Let the hate-mongers keep their own council and leave us free to be as we are.